A Rose or a Thorn? by Sequoia Pauls

I could give you a Rose, or I can give you a thorn
Something sweet or something hard
A word, beautiful and terrible
A word, to be healed or to be torn.

It’s up to you, a secret I’m about to reveal
Love, a hard word, a beautiful word
A fate, a passion, destiny and futures sealed
By one word, a frigid, bitter, sweet world

Love, a lasting memory upon these small minds
An impression from the beginning cry of a newborn
Love, something that gives us pain
Love, harder than iron, souls it binds.

Open your eyes, look around, it is here.
Love, in a smile, in a hug, the warmth of the sun
Just a look would lay your heart bare
Follow it, but it might leave you for worse

Turn around, every word on paper, a thought to share
If love is a harsh master, why follow?
Because reader, it is better to breathe when you can
To live when you do, to Love those even if they don’t love you.

A thorn or a rose? Who can say?
I can decide for me, but love for you, might be a different story.