A Selection of Poems by Katie Green

She was the center of the universe 
But only for an instant 
And then 
She died away. 

As she lay there sleeping, 
The stars zoomed past 
And she was no more, 

But one 

With all that is. 
Let us swim
Let me swim! 
Force against the waves 
That tumble us backwards, 
Upside down and petrified 


Would you rather your feet sink 
Farther into the sand? 

Build a life, 
A mind, 
A spirit... 

The waves, they give 
The freedom to move.
If I left tonight 
(Where would I go?
What would go through your head? 
For me...I usually stay numb 
But sometimes succumb; 
It’s worth it to be connected. 

To my beloved... 
Be my beloved 
Remember I was with you” 
And remember, yes 

We loved. 
The Origin of my soul 
Is the same as the fly 
Buzzing around my face 

As I lay beside a rock 
That's too cliche 
For sitting on. 

She succumbs to the wind, 
Lands on my skin 
Scraping more than my outer layer 

And, at the sensation 
Of her elemental touch, 
I can't help but wonder: 

What is the life 
That she's made of 
And can I possibly 


Bring it inside? 

She slipped into a poem 
(But, honestly, 
It wasn't her fault.) 

The damn wet floor 
Forced her down. 
So down, down inside, she went. 

And when she fell, 
She cracked her shell 
And her yolk broke into chaos. 

Since she was open, 
Inside her they went 
To give her what she wanted. 

I came here to meet you, 
She whispered 
I met you before 

I can't let you go again... 

Will you put me back together? 
And let's stay like this always... 
Yes...? Do you agree? 

She slipped into the poem 
No, she didn't choose, but 
To be fair, she did let it happen. 

Later, in time though, her shell was intact 
The yolk was still there 
When the moon rose, in silver, to greet her. 

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash