Catch the Stars by Sophia Kalua

The gods of old are dead. The ancient pantheons have fallen.
I looked toward the sky and wondered why I had to be born in this time.
I wondered why I was cursed to a mortal life with mortal limitations.
Why could I not be born a god that swayed the Fates in my favor?
Why must I play by their rules?  
How can I, with my brief existence, change the world?

Then I realized, I could never be immortal, but I could be immortalized.
Nothing was stopping me from taking the reins of the world and riding toward a better future.
The world may say that there is a set path, that when the sun sets you must wait till it rises again.
They may say that the night is dangerous and there are limited possibilities.
But I will walk my own path, and I will chase that horizon.
I will stand in the night and challenge the impossible.

For it is in the darkest hours of the night that I can stare into the void of time.
The possibilities are as numerous as the stars and as endless as the universe.
The future is mine for the taking; all I need do is chase it.
If I can fly to the heavens and sail across that inky blue sky, then I can catch the stars.

I will never control the heavens nor command the oceans.
But I hold complete authority over my future, which is more formidable than the storms and the seas.
I do not desire glory. I do not want the world to kneel at my feet.
I want to rise above what people think is possible, and I want to bring them with me.

My story will sit on the shelves of Legends.
When I die the world will mourn, and the gods will welcome me.
And I will smile because I will leave behind a better world than the one I was born into.
I set my own limitations and I decide my own fate.
My life may be short, but it will not be meaningless.