Death Ferry by Ahmed Salih

In the city full of misery 
There were people in the ferry 
They were glad and about to celebrate 
They did not know about their inevitable fate 

They felt hilarious to buy the ferry tickets 
But the man was greedy who found nuggets  
"This is too much" he was told! 
He shrugged saying "it is not that old"

Mother please, don't be desperate 
Your life will be saved in just a minute
The hero swimmers sacrificed their lives 
Leaving their children and wives 

The drowned people above water floated 
But indifferent people dressed up and bloated 
Tigris, please raise the martyrs up  
Please be patient, this is not a lump 

Corruption like decay eroding the city 
Day after day feeling no pity 
Mothers were there to celebrate 
Mother's Day, it is too late …

Photo by Alessio Lin on Unsplash

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