Fail to Succeed by Breanna Claton

Pressure building as dead roots rise, pushing through the ground.
Flashbacks of vulnerability when I couldn't hear a sound.
Seen as fruits but are ash from all the loved ones deceased.
Left unguarded the roots entwine the legs of those diseased.
Heart is pounding and breathing scathed, proving the burial premature.
Pulling me down past the ground, then the screams occur.
Thinking back to an early age when the poison spread.
Too trusting then, not trusting now, can't even sleep in bed.
Peaceful sleep is a fantasy because that ship has sailed.
I ran away from what haunts me that's pulling me down because I failed.
The thing I can't overcome will make me into it.
Until I fade to grey deep down calling through the mist.

Even as this seems very depressing, it shows the emotion coupled with life when it tends to fill with depression. However, depression is something meant to be fought. To be won. This embodies what it feels like to fail. One must know what it is like to fail in order to realize that they have conquered.