Fall is in the Air by Abigail Hansen

When night’s shadows no longer subside

Autumn declares it has arrived

The summer light now fades away

Bringing with it shorter days

Leaves of red soar to and fro

As they clatter down the road

Green fades to orange and lime to brown,

And withered weeds stretch ‘cross ground

The once lush bushes are dried and cracked,

And crows find home on gold haystacks

When out upon the harvest lays

Threads of fire, the sun’s dying gaze

And like a breath of death’s last sigh,

Grain rolls like waves before my eyes

Can you smell the scent of leaves?

Of dust from dried out apple trees?

Oh!   How lovely the autumn air!

See the world change, everywhere

And now as flowers fade to rest,

And animals to their burrows nest,

Is when, full bloom, the pumpkin grows,

And bright the autumn moon does glow

That’s when, my friends, that fall begins

Birds cease their song, the cold sets in

When all the world is glowing fair

You know that fall is in the air