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Get Published in Parley 2020


Parley is Pikes Peak Community College’s literary and arts journal. We feature academic and creative works from the PPCC  student body and the Colorado Springs and Denver communities, publishing online and in-print. 

We are still accepting submissions to be considered for the 2020 print edition.

Submissions Guidelines:

Currently, we accept submissions year-round through the PPCC submissions page or at Parley@PPCC.edu. Please note that this is not a paying market, though getting published in Parley is a great way to ___. Parley is a community college publication ran by students. However, you do not need to be a student to submit.

We are always interested in submissions from a wide variety of genres including:

Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, or One-Act Plays. For Visual Art submissions, we accept: Drawings, Paintings, Photography, Digital/Graphic Art, and art/writing collaborations.

All submissions go through a blind voting process. We will contact you through email if your submission is accepted. Thank you for your patience.

The subject line of your email should include the word “Submission”, followed by the title of your piece in quotation marks, the genre in parentheses, your name and city in brackets: Submission — “Title” (genre) by [your name, city]. In the body of the email, please indicate whether or not you are a PPCC student, and include a short author’s bio (50-75 words) that tells us and our readers a little bit about you and your writing or art. 

Submissions should be attached to the email, and must be in a .doc or .docx format for writing, and .png format for visual art (.pdf is acceptable, but not preferred). 

Please don’t send links!


  • 12-point Times New Roman font
  • Double-space Fiction and Nonfiction
  • Single-space Poetry
  • Title of work and author’s name in header
  • High-Resolution images with no obvious or interfering markings.

Timing: Submissions are open during Fall and Spring semesters.

Genre and Word Count Guidelines:

FICTION and NONFICTION works must not exceed seven pages in length, and be no more than 2,500–3,000 words. For fiction, we accept short shorts, flash fiction, humor/satire, and prose. In Nonfiction, we accept personal and lyric essays, memoirs, creative nonfiction, and literary journalism.

POETRY submissions of all forms, genres, and topics are always welcome. We encourage a strong sense of style, and only three poems per person will be considered each semester.

ONE-ACT PLAYS are encouraged. Length can run up to 2,000 words (or about 3-5 pages).

**Novellas, novels, genre fiction, fan fiction, erotica, or works featuring exploitation and excessive violence will not be accepted.**


By submitting, you give permission to the Pikes Peak Community College English Department to copy-edit, reformat, and publish your work in Parley, and understand that your name and work will be published and distributed, thereby acknowledging that the aforementioned action is serving the same function as an electronic signature and is hereby granting PPCC the permissions stipulated in this document.