Her Name’s Cleo by Juanita Rose Quengua

She, who loves me despite of my flaws and imperfections,
She, who never left my side even just for a second,
She, who put smile and happiness in my bad days,
She’s one of my dogs, and her name’s Cleo.

Her short tail that wags when I arrive,
Her cute little face that she rubs on my leg,
showing how she missed me,
Her small body that I love to hug,
She may be a granny old dog, but she’s my love.

She attacks, she protects, but most of all,
She’s a bundle of joy that I will never forget.
They will never understand our love for each other, that they will regret,
But I don’t care, she’s my dog, my baby, and her name’s Cleo.

Photo by Josephine Amalie Paysen on Unsplash