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June Art Feature: Sacred Savage Art

As a young slab of clay, Sydney’s true form took shape when her mother introduced her to art. At a very young age, Sydney spent most of her days playing on the ground around her mother’s creative space, watching her lay layers of emotion and paint on canvas. She watched in admiration and bewilderment as the paint took shape, and different stories were told. This was what sparked her creative flame.

A combination of her childhood, an ounce of insanity, and a large amount of trial and error, molded Sydney into the self-taught mixed media artist she is today. Her realization of our inevitable mortality, fuels a lot of her paintings. Each painting a kind of therapy, putting sense to the madness of her brain, and helping her cope with the idea of impermanence. Using ink, water color, colored pencils, and gel pens, Sydney brings colors to life, displaying a mix of life and death, feminism and masculinity, growth and destruction.

Sydney currently resides in Denver, Colorado. You can connect with her via Instagram (@sacredsavageart) or on her website.

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