2020 Events Poetry

Stand Together by Kaley Corinaldi

Let us stand together

Each man and woman forever

We shall not stand for this hate

We shall not contemplate

The hate black people receive in this world

Shall not be twirled

Into the lives of so many young black girls

From the handprints on the door 

And the scratches on floor

We shall fight for equality

And not fall for your racist policy

No matter race 

Or the look on your face

We will strive for greatness 

And become your boss

No matter the cost

We can’t forget where we come from

Kings and queens are what we derive from

So, we will not stand for any less treatment than what we deserve 

We will love every curve

As 2020 comes to a close

We all must know

We are created equal and must be treated as such

It doesn’t take much

to treat people equally 

or with common human decency