How to Submit:

Email submissions to

(please be patient: it may take some weeks before you have a response)

What to Submit:

Poetry, visual art, photography, non-fiction, academic pieces, short stories, images, and digital art

What NOT to Submit:

We are a small publisher. Our focus is shorter work. We cannot accommodate pieces over 10 pages long.

We are also interested in offering a music section, but do not have the capacity at this time.

Please include the following information:

1) To which publication are you submitting? Parley or SITREP?

2) Title of piece

3) Genre or medium

4) School email address & S number

NOTE: Our submission process is slow. Our work spans over semesters and changes depending on student involvement. We publish online throughout the year, and in-print each Spring. Our publication process runs mainly in April and May. Feel free to ask any questions or follow up on submissions by emailing We apologize for any lost communication over the past two years. Between the pandemic, website changes, and various issues, some submissions have been lost in the shuffle. Please reach out if you’d like to re-submit. Thank you.