Parley is a commonwealth of academic and creative works that symbolize the excellence and diversity of PPCC’s community. It is a student-run publication that showcases local artistry, craft, and talent. We encourage anyone to submit writing, artwork, photography, and music. The content displays an eclectic range of topics. 

Please Note: After articles are submitted, they may go through an editing and approval process. In the cases of artwork or photography, we may contact the artists to discuss how the works will be featured.

**The publishing process runs from January to March of any year. If you submit outside of that time period, you may wait some time before hearing from our student editors. Please be patient. And be sure to check the email you provide at the beginning of the year.**

We at Parley are always interested in submissions from a wide variety of genres, so send us your work if they fall into the following categories: Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, or One-Act Plays. For Visual Art submissions, we accept: Drawings, Paintings, Photography, Digital art, and art/writing collaborations.

Submissions must be in one of the following file forms: .doc, .docx, or .pdf (for visual art). With your submission, please include the title of your piece in quotations, and the genre in parentheses: “Title” (genre). Please do not send us any links!

Formatting: All submissions should be in 12-point Times New Roman font. Fiction and nonfiction should be double-spaced. Poetry should be single-spaced. Title of work and author’s name should be typed at the top of the first page. For Visual Art, please be sure image is in appropriate file form, with no obvious or interfering markings.

Timing: Submissions are open during Fall and Spring semesters.

Genre and Word Count Guidelines:

FICTION and NONFICTION works must not exceed seven pages in length, and be no more than 2,500–3,000 words. For fiction, we accept short shorts, flash fiction, humor/satire, and prose. In Nonfiction, we accept personal and lyric essays, memoirs, creative non-fiction, and literary journalism.

POETRY submissions of all forms, genres, and topics are always welcome. But we encourage submissions to have a strong sense of style, and to exceed no more than three poems per person. In other words: only send us your very best!

ONE-ACT PLAYS are encouraged. Length can run up to 1,500 words (or about 3-5 pages).

**Previously published work, Novellas, novels, genre fiction, fan fiction, erotica, or works exceeding 3000 words will not be accepted.**


Submit your work at PPCC’s Parley Submission Page