A Kiss to Take it All by Kimmie Mason

in respiratory breaths he whispers me a lullaby... 
his eyes hold no warmth as his lashes drip in lies 
why do I let him hold me in his clawed clutches 
when his open teeth are spitting black murder 

he doesn’t speak a sound but I hear his bolting throttle 
I know what he wishes... his cold fingers ache for it 
yes... Death’s dark lips draw closer towards my own 
he intends to kiss me and with that kiss take my life 

his hat is now touching my forehead as he leans in 
his breath is that of a soundless winter night 
what have I to do but close my eyes and accept 
the luring man has me wrapped around his finger 

those pale thin lips sing a song of severance with reality 
his touch numbs the pain even as blood enters my eye 
every heartbreak and every separation I’ve experienced 
every struggle with myself and living with the past 
it will all disappear with this last kiss... 

now I can feel the vibration of his lips and they are but there 
fluttering like a colorless moth they are silent 
but the unaccustomed silence makes me weary.. 

I stop 
I pull away 
What am I doing! am I a fool? 
This ugly man! This deceitful calm almost subdued! 
If only from the memory of pain I am still standing 

His face turns horrid with contempt for me who denied him 
He hisses and tugs at my body to pull me back but I raise my hand 
Slap! His face finally gains color and my senses take hold of me 
I rip from his arms and slam the door without looking back 

Oh, God... what have I done?