Visual Art

Call For Artists

This is a call for all artists, illustrators, designers, and photographers in the Colorado Springs or Denver areas. Do you want to see your art published on our website? Then we encourage you to submit your visual artwork. Sharing your work with Parley is an excellent way to gain exposure as an artist.

Parley accepts the following visual art submissions: painting, sculpture, installation, collage, graphic design, illustration, street art, photography, and pretty much any type of art that is strongly visual and contemporary in nature. We also accept film art submissions.  

From these submissions, our team selects the strongest, most visually striking / appealing / beautiful / colorful / inspiring pieces to feature on our website and Instagram.

How to Submit:

Submissions can be emailed to parley[at] Please include in your email a brief bio that contains information about your art — inspiration, process, medium, size, year — as well as your social media links, and the images of your art attached. Zip files or PDFs are not acceptable. 

Every submission we receive is carefully considered by the Parley editorial team. However, due to the volume of submissions and our limited staff, the voting process takes time. Please be patient. You will receive an email response if your submission is accepted, so please do not send follow-up emails.

By submitting, you give permission to the Pikes Peak Community College English Department to copy-edit, reformat, and publish your work in Parley, and understand both your name and work will be published and distributed. Therefore, you acknowledge that the aforementioned action is serving the same function as an electronic signature and is hereby granting PPCC the permissions stipulated in this document.