2020 Events

Events: Rye Curtis Visit in February

by Jordan Williams | Staff Writer

PPCC students and alumni alike gathered to listen to an up-and-coming writer, Rye Curtis, read an excerpt from his debut novel Kingdomtide in the Gallery of the Downtown PPCC Campus on Wednesday, February 19. He read to a crowded room and followed up with a Q&A for the audience. 

The event began at 7 p.m. with an introduction from English Professor Amie Sharp, who encouraged the other patrons to enroll in the school’s Creative Writing programs before launching into an exhibition of student work. 

The first reader was English Professor Brook Bhagat, who kicked things off with an untitled short story about the dissolution of a relationship and a cake. 

Next, PPCC student Joshua Lee presented a humorous short piece entitled “A Lovely Day,” followed by fellow PPCC student Xena-Marie Williams with her poem, “Surviving Nature’s Fury,” which was an awe-inspiring take on the sheer power of nature. Last among the students was Mike Clark who presented a mildly humorous and foreboding narrative of his grandmother’s teen years in the early onset of the Holocaust in Poland. 

After a brief introduction from his aunt and English Professor Deidre Schoolcraft, Rye Curtis took the podium to read two excerpts from his novel. Curtis first read from the very beginning of the novel, characterizing his 72-year-old central heroine Cloris Waldrip as she prepares to take an adventure with her husband flying over the Bitterroot Mountains in Montana. 

After the reading, Curtis took questions from the crowd. Subjects ranged from his writing process to his characterizations to any future endeavors. The evening concluded with a book signing by the author and excited conversation among the audience. 

Kingdomtide is currently available for purchase on Amazon as of January 14.