Falling Doubt by Spencer Gurley

Doubt, why do you stand on me crushing my breath?
Don’t you see I am God’s?
Tremble at His work inside of me.
You will surely fall when I start to grow in His power and hope, which lives inside of me.
When you fall why must you still hold on to me?
Is it so you can muster up enough strength to stand again?
My confidence is strong, and I know the truth.
You will always be trying to work up your strength to stand over me, but you will always fail.
I hate to break it to you doubt, but my God gives hope!
Hope, come closer.
Rest on my head.
Keep me from the cold.
Don’t leave me.
Remind me of the promises of my Father.
Father, I can barely hold back the tears.
It’s so hard out there to live for you.
Why Father?
Before you answer, let me speak of what I have been taught.
I know you have a plan.
I know you love me more than I could ever know.
I know you will make things right.
I know you will never leave me.
My child
Why must I answer?
You have been shown these things by me.
You know my heart for you.
Don’t cry.
Don’t doubt.
But hold on to the hope I have given you.
I won’t let you fall.
I will lift you up and help you stand.
Never give up!
For I am always with you my child.