Of Gods and Devils by Joe Barton

The ink starts to run off the page as she runs through my mind.

The past seems like yesterday and I still can taste her on my tongue. 

Black lipstick, pin-up hips, and smoky fuck-me eyes, 

my Goddess had me under lock and key.

Sundays spent kneeling at her alter eating her sacrament

and sipping wine from between her thighs. 

Confining in you my confessions, 

all along you were the one hiding the sin. 

“Do as I say not as I do.” 

I didn’t care, I was yours to be used. 

I even burnt a city down just to show you the light. 

But at last this devil fell when she chose to bail. 

I was supposed to be her ride-or-die. 

Whatever happened to those long nights in the garden, 

feeding each other forbidden knowledge while laying underneath the Cosmos? 

Those days are gone, 

and I’ll never get them back. 

Now you’re off living your best life with every other Adam, Eve, and Steve.